Profile for Lumix S5 and other new cameras

Hi All

I have recently purchased a Lumix S5 that I use for copying colour negatives (as well as everything else). When I convert using Negative Lab Pro I get the warning “profile missing”. There does not seem to be a profile for this camera in the NegativeLab Camera Profiles folder. I am using the latest version of Lightroom on an iMac.

Am I doing something wrong? Will NLP be upgraded to support this, and other new cameras? Is there a workaround?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I am needing this profile too. :frowning:

Hi guys, sorry, not sure how I missed this! You can get the Lumix S5 profiles (and other more recently released profiles) using this link:

Just note that the Lumix S5 profiles will be listed in the link below as “Panasonic DC-S5” - since it follows the same naming structure that Lightroom uses for the camera.

These will also be included in the v2.3 package, but you can download and add it now using the link above.