Panasonic S1H - Camera profile missing

Hi all, I’ve installed NLP on my Mac but Lightroom says “missing profile”. I use the Panasonic S1H to scan my negatives… maybe is it the cause? I’ve checked the profile folder but I can’t see it. Is it available somewhere?

Many thanks!

Welcome to the forum @Massimiliano_78

@nate occasionally publishes new profiles here: Dropbox

Checking the site, I found no profile for the S1H though.

Thanks @Digitizer, S1 and S1H use the same sensor (except for the low pass filter) and - maybe - both machines has the same color profiles rendition. If this is correct, should I use S1 profile instead? Is there a way to do it?

Profile selection is automatic and cannot be manually overridden.

I suppose that @nate could create an S1H profile.

Is it also possible to use NLP with a missing profile? The results are also ok? So far I have found mixed results; with some films, I achieved a good conversion, while with others, I had to make significant adjustments to the color. Could it be related to the missing profile?