Canon 100mm macro with Fuji XT30 vs. Canon 5DIII

I’ve got the old cheap Canon 100mm macro I’ve been using with my Canon 5DIII. Read via Nate’s post that he doesn’t recommend using adaptors and I could see it would be a little tricky.

I just think framing up the images would be a lot less trouble for my neck as I’m framing.
Also the T30 I find is less clunky for any long exposures, lighter and easier to secure on a tripod.

Also looking for the right LED panel as my iPad 2 isn’t ideal.

Using the 100mm lens on an APS-C instead of FF camera will increase the distance between the negative and the camera, also increasing the want for a giraffe neck :wink: a flippy screen can help though.

I’ve taken shots with the gear you mention, but with an EOS M6 instead of a Fuji. Both combinations work well on a copy stand type of setup. You could get an alternative setup using a black round table leg from a hardware store and a clamp like so instead. Use mirror lockup or live-view and the self-timer to reduce vibrations.