CanoScan 8800F for Mac OS Mojave/Catalina

Hi there,
does it make sense to get a CanoScan 8800F for around $50 and scan 120 film with it? I’m using Mac OS Mojave (will maybe update to Catalina at some point) and saw that VueScan can make the outdated 8800F work on Mojave (and Catalina?!), but will it support 120? Anyone using this setup?

Note: It’s not to expect amazing quality for large prints but rather to get reasonable results for digital use and decide which ones make the cut and so on…

Thx ind advance!

I have the 8800F and I have used Vuescan to scan my 120 B+W negs on Mojave. Results OK.
I am planning to try out DSLR scans of 120 negs though once I have finished scanning 35mm to compare quality