Recommendations - Lomo Purple, Metropolis, Turquoise

Hello folks,

I am wondering specifically about recommendations for settings in both scanning setup in Vuescan and for NLP for the various odd flavours of Lomography films. Not sure my results are where they should be and I’ve had some odd results of late notably with Metropolis.

It’s fair to say I am going to end up with films with weird base colours in general (cross process, etc) but these films are the ones I use most.

Have not broken out Turquoise yet - thought I’d ask in advance for any pro tips.


Welcome to the forum @bryan

Checked out the Lomography page and the films you mention - and got the impression that “where the results should be” is fairly subjective with these films.

If you like, you could post (a link to) a few scans in order for us to see a) what the scanned material looks like and b) what we can do with it. Use Google Drive, Wetransfer or any other suitable service to share your scans.

Sorry for the long delay. First I was hoping there was some standard specification for the various oddball emulsions that would let us see the expected curves for each. I want to know that the scan accurately represents the expected outcome for the emulsion.

I’ll wait for everyone to not die laughing.

There are none, clearly that are published though they have to be in manufacturing somewhere.

I’d hope there could be an NLP preset recipe for dealing with these problem kids.

I’m going to do the tedious thing and shoot scale and colour wheels for each. And have a lab scan and the do my own.

Second, I was having what I believe were perfectly okay results right up until the last time I scanned. Metropolis, for example, produced unusable results even though I am looking at a negative that is perfectly okay.

So I think something went terribly wrong with the latest VueScan update and I think I need to clean install it.

Then turn off auto WB when scanning.

Will report back.