Greenish hue on the sides

My setup:

  1. I’m using NLP 2.3.0 in Lightroom Classic 11.3 on a PC.

Scanned with a Plustek OpticFilm 7200 in Vuescan 9

I am pretty new to film scanning, and I am getting some greenish hue on my scans ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

That looks pretty severe, not sure it can be caused by NLP though . Can you see anything like that on the original colour negative? Or on the scan before you invert and process in NLP? It would show up on the film or unprocessed scan as a pale area on that side.

There is nothing on the negative itself. But on the DNG there is something…

I also loacted the problem in VueScan when I directly invert it in VueScan. When I preview it in Vuescan there is nothing to see, it comes after I scan it ? it is pretty weird.
I am an beginner to home scanning, so I dont know if is my scanner or the software that are making the problem.

I think it is fair to say that if you can’t see this on the negative then it is a problem with the scan, or indeed the scanner, unlikely though that would seem. Using NLP on it will simply exacerbate the problem in much the same was as an uneven light source or a ‘vignetting’ lens would*. However I would expect this to be on every scan in that case.

Edit: *when ‘scanning’ with a camera

After many scans, I have found a solutions and I dont know why, but when I scan the film twice, the green stuff goes away on the second scan.

That’s good, you’re on the right track anyway, it’s worth investigating what might be causing it though because it does sound very strange.

Even after more scans, I finally found the problem, I had put Black point to 0% in Vuescan which caused the problem.

Well, you have it in front of you and I don’t but that unevenness on the left hand side didn’t look right to me, NLP will likely accentuate areas of under-exposure but it isn’t at fault. Anyway, if you are getting good results now that’s great, scanning is a little tricky until you get used to it.