Greenish hue on many images

Hi everyone. I’ve been having an issue where I’m getting a green hue on many images that go through NLP. I’m ensuring I set the White Balance in the film border, and the temperature slider isn’t maxed out in many cases. I’ve been quite careful not to include the film border when converting, and have tried different presaturation values and Color presets. It seems very hard to get rid of this hue-- messing with the G/M sliders seems to take some of the green out, but then I end up with too much magenta or blue.

When compared to the great and seemingly effortless results in the NLP guide video, I feel like I must be doing something wrong or missing something. I’m using an Epson V600, with the only option ticked being the Digital ICE. Because I’m new, I can only upload one photo. The effect is very pronounced in this one.


Make sure you follow the steps in this link below for using with EpsonScan:

It’s important that the settings you use are the ones listed in the link above, otherwise, you will not have a neutral tiff to start with. Also, when using Negative Lab Pro with a tiff file, it is generally recommended to leave the white-balance AS-IS before conversion (in other words, DON’T white balance off the film border in Lightroom on a TIFF).

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

Yes! I was looking around for some kind of guide to set up Epson Scan correctly but could not seem to find one. I’m getting improved results that I’m pretty happy with now, thanks for your help!