Vuescan BW scans and NLP settings

I used my new konica lllA with kodak tmax 400 film. I metered with a digisix l and miguel
quiles’ my Lightmeter iphone app. I made incident and reflected readings.
scanned the negs using NLP vuescan BW settings. the result was shocking. the converted negs looked like they were at least 5 times over exposed. I thought my metering was off by a few miles. Lightroom and Photoshop editing couldn’t give me good results. Oh the Humanity!
I went back to vuescan and used the TIF settings without any dng settings. and guess what?! the scans were excellent. only one contrast layer was needed. tmax is a bit flat for me.
Can someone suggest vuescan and NLP settings that with give me good results? I followed the suggested settings offered by NLP guide page.