Best settings Epson V500 Photo + Vuescan Black and White Film


I have read many posts on the forum, but I have not found a definitive answer so I ask for help in finding the best settings to make an ideal scan to develop with NLP.


The definitive answer would probably be to scan to linear raw with no tonal correction. Such scans would be applicable not only for NLP but for other ways of conversion, as well as for producing versions of the scan (e.g. having different gamma) without having to rescan the film.

NLP accepts raw DNGs from VueScan, as well as gamma-corrected tiffs. Neither of those is the most raw format VueScan can output, which would be the linear raw tiff. Either can be produced from such a tiff by resaving from VueScan.

Look up “vuescan linear raw” to find out the settings.

thanks for your reply!