VueScan & NLP question

Hi everyone, I’m needing some help.

I have a copy of NLP purchased and want to start scanning at home. I found in my city a Pakon 7200DPI scanner it’s old and only runs windows XP but I believe from what I’m reading you can download drivers and have it working correctly with VueScan installed with the correct serial number / drivers for the scanner.


If I purchase Vuescan does anyone know if when I scan my negs will they be automatically converted to a positive colour / black and white? Or will they stay as a negative.

I Want to do the rest of the process in NLP because it was expensive and I want to use the software because I love the program.

Here is what the machine looks like if anyone has any tips. I just want to know if I can scan and save them as a .TIF or .DNG and convert those pictures all with NLP in Lightroom.

Thank you community!

Hello Phillip,
The developer published a guide here: Creating RAW DNG files with Vuescan on how to set up a reliable workflow to do that. I can attest attest that it works pretty well. There is no need to output both a Tiff and a DNG, NLP can give you a Tiff post conversion if you need one for round-tripping to photoshop.