NLP 2.2 not working correctly for all workflow steps

I’ve recently switched my negative scanning workflow from Silverfast (including negative conversion) to Vuescan DNG-scanning and negative conversion with Negative Lab Pro in Lightroom. I really like the results I’m getting out of it but unfortunately It is currently not a non-destructive workflow as some steps are not working correctly in the plugin.
My configuration is

  • iMac (24", M1, 2021) running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2
  • Lightroom Classic v10.4
  • NLP plugin v2.2

First steps are working as expected: Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs, read metadata from file, color balance picker on film border, crop negative.
Then I start NLP with ^N, select my conversion settings and click “Convert Negatives”.

Problem #1: The preview of my picture still shows the negative until I change one of the settings in the “Edit” tab

Problem #2: When I click “Apply”, Lightroom shows “Saving NLP Settings…” for about 10-15 seconds and my RAW file stays converted. But obviously the settings are not stored in the metadata.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-05 um 19.18.04
If I reopen NLP it again shows me the “Convert” tab. I cannot refine my edits or un-convert.

Problem #3: Positive copies are created in the original file-system folder but neither re-imported into my Lightroom catalogue nor stacked with the original RAW file. This behaviour is the same for the “Make copy” option in the NLP dialogue or the NLP Export profile. Here Lightroom shows a “Processing one photo” status for at least 20-30 seconds or even longer with nothing happening
I always have to re-sync my folder to import the TIFs into the catalogue.

Any help on these problems appreciated.

Many thanks,