Stuck with uneditable DNGs

Stuck with uneditable DNGs - Metadata problem?

I had a problem where the main screen on the NLP plugin wouldn’t appear, so I tried reinstalling lightroom classic, rolling back a version, reinstalling NLP (2.4.2), resetting LR preferences, and finally making a new LR catalogue. Making a new catalogue worked somewhat in that I now had my old DNG files to work with and NLP screen will appear.

BUT – when I go through the process of Update Silverfast/Vuescan DNG – Read Metadata from File, the metadata must have all the previous edits, so it loads the old edit but in a way that NLP doesn’t read it as a negative and still wants to convert it. I can’t find how to get back to a pre-NLP negative so that I can run the process where Update Silverfast/Vuescan DNG – Read Metadata from File gives me an editable DNG.

I’m trying to find a way not to have to scan the negative again, I just want to work with the Vuescan DNG file I have. Thanks for help.



The Negative Lab Pro conversion metadata is stored in the Lightroom Catalog.

So if you import the DNGs to a fresh catalog, Negative Lab Pro will no longer have access to the conversion metadata on the image (even if the specific Lightroom Develop settings are carried over). So the image might appear converted, but Negative Lab Pro has no metadata associated with the image, so treats it as an unconverted file.

There are a few things you can try.

First, we can see if we can figure out why NLP isn’t showing up properly in the old catalog… if you can select a few sample conversions from the old catalog (which isn’t working), then go to “File > Export as Catalog”, and make sure “Include Negatives” is selected. Zip up the result and email it to me at and I can take a look to see if there is anything wrong with the metadata.

If that doesn’t work, you can always reconvert those raw images in the new catalog.

  1. Select the images that want to reset
  2. Go to Settings > Reset All Settings
  3. Now the images will be returned to a negative state, which in this case, matches the state that Negative Lab Pro sees.

(Note: typically to reset a negative that appears converted, you will want to go in Negative Lab Pro to the “Convert” tab and select “Unconvert”, but in this case, that is not possible since NLP does not see any metadata associated with the file and thus believe it is unconverted already).

Hope that helps!