NLP Profile Missing

Hi, I use VueScan and a Canoscan 9000f for scanning. Every time I import a Vuescan DNG, I get the error message that the NLP profile is missing. I update Vuescan DNGs, read metadata from file, and restart lightroom, and the profiles are back and things work well. I’d really rather not do this every time. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this same problem.

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I’m having this exact problem in 2.3. Profile gets updated after restarting Lightroom, but would rather not do this every time. Using a Primefilm XAS.

@nate is this an issue with this particular scanner profile? I was using a V550 prior to upgrading to the Primefilm, and never ran into this issue.

I think the most recent versions of Lightroom Classic change something under the hood.

If the scanner has a native profile in Negative Lab Pro, then there isn’t any need to do “File > Plugin Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs” and it should just work as is. But it seems that for scanners which do not have a native profile, and require running the update utility, that Lightroom sometimes does not immediately recognize the change in the metadata, and a restart is required to get it to recognize it.

For Vuescan DNGs, if you find that you are having to run that utility, please send me a sample DNG to “” and I will create a native profile.

For Silverfast DNGs, it’s a bit more complicated because Silverfast is very inconsistent in terms of how it is handling metadata around the scanner model.


Hey @nate was wondering if you had a chance to take a look at this problem? Thanks


Per my previous comment, if you send me a RAW DNG from your PrimeFilm XAS, I can add a custom profile for it, which should be a bit more accurate and would avoid the need to run the utility or restart Lightroom. You can send samples to

In terms of fixes for the Vuescan/Silverfast Update utility, I’m still looking for a consistent way to force Lightroom to accept the change without the need to restart…

For instance, if you are in the Library module, it seems you can force it to accept the change by going to “Metadata > Update DNG Preview and Metadata”. But at that point, if you go back into the develop module, it reverts back to the previous state.

In the develop module, it seems that if you change the active photo to a different photo, and then go back to the prior photo, you will see the prior photo update with the changes.

So for whatever reason (probably for efficiency), Lightroom is limiting how often it checks what profiles are available based on the -UniqueCameraModel tag in the EXIF. A sure way to force it to “check again” is to restart Lightroom, but there may be other ways to force this that I’m just not aware of yet.


Hey @nate, I sent a file over a couple weeks ago. Might have gotten stuck in your spam folder. I sent over a raw dng file. Let me know if you need me to send again. Thanks for all your help!

Thanks @jcrutchley!

I’ve emailed you the PrimeFilm XAs profile, and it will be included in the next update.


Hi Nate,

I am sorry to bother you as I have seen you have a lot of people contacting you with issues similar to mine but after going through threads for HOURS and trying absolutely everything I am at a loss.

I have attached some images of what my conversions are like using nlp v2.3, this weird blue and red contrast has been a problem for me for a while. It doesnt seem like I can get a good conversion, I am left doing a lot of post editing just to make the image look acceptable.

Also no matter what I do, the profile missing error appears on my lightroom ( I have attached picture). I have followed all of your instructions down to the letter for scanning with vuescan and the procedures I need to take after importing them to Lightroom. Please help, I am at my wits end with these issues.



Hi Zac,

Yes, the first step will be to get the profile to read correctly and then reconvert. The results will be very sporadic without the proper profile.

  1. What scanner are you using? If you could send me a sample DNG file to, I can make sure that I have a profile for it, and if not, I can create one.

  2. If a profile already exists for your scanner model, in Lightroom Classic you can go to “file > import develop presets and profiles” and add ALL of the files in the “Vuescan Profles” directory in your NLP download.


Hey - sorry to piggyback on this too, but having the same issue with an Plustek 8200i using Vuescan. Can’t get the profiles to load at all within LR but i can see all of the profile files in LR. If i try and import again, it says they already exist?
I don’t know enough about how this stuff works to really know what’s happening! Any helpe would be great

AH - My vuescan has changed from 48RBG output to auto. I assume it must have been giving me the RBGi output instead then. Nevermind!