Missing Profiles

Hello All,

I was attempting to fix some color-cast issues I’ve been having with my Mirrorless scans (Fuji XT200) and I realized my profiles were off.

To be honest I hadn’t noticed if this had been a reoccurring issue or not and when I attempting to reformat/redownload my plug-ins/profiles from the v2.2 I feel I may have made things worse. I realize these aren’t very difficult technical tasks but I feel like I’m out of my element with them to fix it,

My current scans read Missing Profile for NLP 2.0 for those I have already converted but if I attempt to convert a new RAW photo in LRC it will only show Adobe Color Profiles, no option for NLP.

However, when I brought in completely new RAW scans (the test ones Nate provides) it will at least give me an option for NLP 2.0. (Images attached)

I wanted to see if anyone has had similar profile missing issues and how you resolved them. Thank you!


Hi Nick, welcome to the forum and happy new year!

Looks like you’re on Mac?

I am actually on PC, I think I figured out the Adobe color issue but I’m still not sure why it says the profiles are missing

The profile for Fuji X-T200 is not provided with the current version of NLP,
at least it’s not in the folder on my Mac.

I suppose that the profile will be available somewhere down the timeline.
When exactly, only @nate can tell.

Gotcha, odd seeing as how I’ve had some good results before but lately some results are off. Thanks!

Hi @NickG11,

Hmm, sorry about that, not sure how I missed the T200 previously. This profile will be included in the next package. In the meantime, you can also download the profile for your X-T200 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ucmcc7f3420b2v/Negative%20Lab%20-%20Fujifilm%20X-T200%20v2.dcp?dl=0


Oh… also, once you do load that profile, you may find that it immediately throws off the previous conversions (the ones that currently say “profile missing.” The reason for this is that once that Negative Lab profile is found, it will apply those profiles to those images. This will cause a problem because the analysis was done when the profile was missing.

There are two easy ways to fix this:

  1. If you want put the previous conversions back to where they were before you loaded the profiles, just change the profile of those images to “Adobe Standard”.
  2. Or, you can just reconvert with the new profiles in place (open up the images, go to the “convert” tab, and hit “unconvert” and then “reconvert” and it will run the analysis off the new, correctly profiled negative).

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much Nate! I really appreciate the help!