Profile Missing - Fuji X-T5

Just got my X-T5 and did some scanning. LrC says the “Profile Missing” error for the NLv2.3 profile. I know how to check into all the profiles, not just favorites, so it’s not there. I’m guessing because this is a new camera? Any chance I can get a profile for this camera?

NLP version = 2.4.2 (fresh install just about 1 hour back). Mac running Ventura 13.0.1. LrC version 12.0.1.

Thanks!! Hank.

Welcome to the forum @hankroarkphoto

Fujifilm’s X-T5 is so new that it’s not even supported by Adobe yet.

Maybe there’s a profile in the software that comes with the camera? You could then send it to @nate (by attaching the profile to a post or by private mail) for conversion into a suitable profile.

Happy to do it. Is just any X-T5 profile needed? I need to make a linear one; would that work? Happy to share.

Tested with a profile for X-T4 that I edited to fake an X-T5 profile on my Mac and found that NLP is engaging the profile. I used a hex editor to replace the model name.

Note: the test was a proof of concept only, I have no idea how the profile behaves in an actual conversion, results might be awful :wink:

If you can provide a link to an unaltered RAW shot of a negative, I could test it.

Hi @hankroarkphoto,

Would you mind sending a sample RAW to It’s probably almost exactly like the XT4 profile, but if I have a look, I can make sure it is correct. Thanks!


OK - I’ve made a camera profile for the XT5 here:

  1. Download from that link

  2. In Lightroom Classic, go to “file > import develop profiles and presets” and add that dcp file

  3. If you previously converted any negatives while the profile was missing, you will need to reconvert those. To do that, just select those images, open Negative Lab Pro, and go to the “convert” tab and select “unconvert.” You can then re-convert them.


Nate, don’t think I ever got back to you. Thank you, works perfectly. Cheers, Hank

Awesome :raised_hands: Thanks for letting me konw!


I just bought Negative Lab Pro and the Fuji XT5 profile is also missing with NLP v2.4.2

@nate , the profile you uploaded is just the one of the XT4 rebranded or did you really made a dedicated profile for the new XT5 sensor which is quite different in fact (different base ISO and so on)?


Hi @vlak

Yep! It was made specifically for XT5 using a sample sent to me from @hankroarkphoto


Ok, thanks for your answer.
I will try it.

Have a good day,