Profiles Missing

Hi, I have the “missing profiles” issue, I’ve read through this forum, tried everything listed, but the only profiles available seem to be the standard LR profiles (color and monochrome, vintage, etc.), and I do not seem to have any NLP/viewscan/Adobe/whatever profiles in the Adobe/CameraRaw/ folder on my machine. I’ve tried reinstalling, that did not change anything. Not sure where these profiles should be, exactly, but they don’t seem to be there. Any help would be appreciated, as I’m totally dead in the water and have no idea what is going on.

OS X 11.6.1
LR Classic V 11.0.1
Camera Raw 14.0
NLP 2.3

Alright, I found the profiles, They were in the hidden Library folder, been there the whole time, however LR is still giving me the Profile Missing error, trying to import them doesn’t work because they are apparently already there, even though I do not see them in LR (manage profiles, favorites). Any help would be appreciated.