NLP Profile issue - Plustek 8100 and Silverfast DNGs


Hope this isn’t too obvious, but I have a question about the NLP profile when converting Silverfast DNGs.

First off, I’m using Windows 10, Lightroom 6, and am scanning 48 bit DNGs from a Plustek Opticfilm 8100. I’m using NLP 2.2.0.

In the guide to preparing Silverfast Raw files, it says, “Before converting, ensure that the ‘Negative Lab v2.1’ raw profile is available.” Could you let me know where I should see this? Would it be under ‘Profile’ in the ‘Camera Calibration’ panel of the Develop module? When I look there currently, the only option available is “embedded.”

I then tried the next step in the guide: “File > Plugin-Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs.” Lightroom then asks me to click “Photo > read metadata from file”, but this doesn’t change any options in the profile, which still just reads “embedded.”

I checked all the steps from the installation, and I think I did everything correctly, so just wondered if you could help to get the right profile set up.

Many thanks.

Think I managed to resolve this in the end. I copied the ‘Vuescan Profiles’ folder into the CameraRaw/CameraProfiles folder (previously I had just copied the ‘negative lab camera profiles’ there) and after doing so the profile appeared. I had assumed the ‘Vuescan Profiles’ folder was only for Vuescan files, but I’m guessing now that it’s also necessary to copy it to ensure the profile is in place for Silverfast RAW files too? If anyone could confirm this, that would be great.
Thanks a lot

Yes, both the Vuescan and Silverfast profiles are in the Vuescan directory in the download. Originally I only had Vuescan profiles, which is why the directory just says Vuescan, but it has both in it.

Hi Nate, that’s great, thanks a lot for clarifying that.

And just to check: is it necessary/worthwhile to run File > Plugin-Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs each time before converting, or will NLP just apply the Negative Lab v2.1 profile automatically if it’s available?

Also, just a related question: whether or not I run ‘File > Plugin-Extras > Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs’, it seems that in the NLP metadata panel the ‘source’ still reads ‘Vuescan Raw DNG’. Does that indicate any issue in NLP recognizing my SF DNG or is this perhaps just a hangover in the naming convention from before SF files were supported?