VueScan Color Setting

Hey guys,

I am using VueScan and NLP 2.2 to scan my medium format negatives.
For that I export into DNG files.

Camera: Mamiya 645 1000s
Scanner: Epson Perfection V550
PC: Winows 7 64

My goal: get the most neutral unedited RAW file possible from Vuescan.

Question 1: To achieve that, what settings should I use in Color? Does it actually affect my file considering it’s a RAW file? Or does it not make a difference in the end result no matter what I pick?

Question 2: My next insecurity occurs in LR: Does it make a big difference whether I choose the color pipette or the Auto White Balance? Which one has proven to be more accurate?

Question 3: Does the conversion into Tiff and the fact that I edit the TIFF file instead of the DNG file mean that there will be quality loss (theoretically or practically)? I like to open my tiff into Photoshop and edit it from there.

Question: 4: In VueScan, do you guys leave the Dust filter on or off? Does the Infrared filter affect the sharpness/quality of the image in the slightest?

Question 5: So I saw some Youtubers convert as a Color Negative and some others convert as Image (in the Input settings). Here it is suggested to use Image and that’s what I do now…but what exactly is the difference and why does VueScan offer both options when both come out as Negatives after export? Why are there these color differences?

Hope you guys can help me out and speak from your experience.

Have you uncovered any info on your question 3?
I have only just started scanning to DNG for editing in NLP and Lightroom Classic and would be interesting to hear what other users experiences.