Color issue with a monochromatic lightsource

Hello, first sorry about my english. :slight_smile:

I use NLP since a few month and it runs perfectly, except for one type of pictures.

I did this test shot (trying out a new film camera, the shot is not good at all) with a red led light, which should end with a monochromatic red picture, but I got this result with a white/pink look with a lot of blue grainy flares.

Shot this on a 120 portra 800.
I’ve tried with the Epson scan software and got a red picture, not perfect but at least way better. So why NLP can’t give me a good result on this one ? The epson scan software is not as precise as NLP and I’d like to work that type of shot on it.

I’ve tried all the differents NLP settings and got nothing usable.
Does anyone know how I can fix this ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s not a film or lightsource issue cause I shot this one earlier with a portra 800 in 135 and with the same light :

Have you tried a conversion with a crop that excludes the flare (or whatever it is) ?

Alternatively, you could convert with b&w settings and tone the image after the conversion.