Colors issues in grain

Hey Everyone - I bought NL and I’m happy but have some issues with the quality. I put two pictures in the Attachment and with them, a crop of each with issues im facing with the method. Both have some color issues which I can’t fix. So I’m not sure if this is a dslr scanning thing, but compared to a lab scan or a C print, there are some color issues especially in the grain which you see in the arm of the model in the picture, or other example - the orange in the water looks also to sharpened / or to cringe or what ever i should say.
Do you know what I mean? Is this maybe known, or did I do something wrong? I used on both pictures on NL Pro the "sharpening off“ method. Both are shot on medium format with using the Kaiser LED Panel with 95CRI and also a lot of coverage of incoming light. I’m shooting with Sony a7r2 40mp and a 60mm nikkor macro lens.