Canon R5 severe Grain

Hi People of NLP,

I don’t suppose anyone has had any issues with using a Canon R5 for DSLR scans? Mine seem to come out insanely grainy. I seem to have to apply the most amount of noise reduction to get anything usable but if I use my Epson V700, clean as a whistle.

Can anyone shed any light on this by any chance please?


Hi Boginder, it might be helpful to say what type of original (B&W negative, colour negative, colour transparency, 35mm/120?) and how you are copying them, which lens and light source etc.?

It could just be that your setup is out resolving the V700.

Hi Harry,

Apologies, I added zero info!

It’s a 120 colour negative. Using the R5 on a copystand through Capture One. Using a 24-70mkii canon lens and the light source is actually a no brand Amazon A4 light panel (I know that’s rubbish!) and the Valoi and pixie-lator for the beg holder. Defo not the greatest setup but bought this to test it out before buying better stuff then came across the grain/noise issue.

I’ll post a sample when I’m back and thanks for responding!

Hi Boginder.

Thanks for the information, none of that seems likely to accentuate the grain and it should be even less of an issue with 120, hopefully someone will have a better idea what might be the problem. When you say that they ‘come out insanely grainy’ do you mean that this is after processing in NLP? If so then it could be a setting there I suppose. Maybe a sample from both the R5 and the V700 if that’s possible.

Yes, copies of example files would help immensely. Use a sharing service for the files, they might not fit as attachments in the forum.

Other than that: What is the distance between your backlight and the film?

I missed the fact that you are using Capture One and not Lightroom/NLP, so some detail on your method for inversion etc. would be good also.