Darker negatives convert very grainy

I recently scanned some negatives that were very underexposed and resulted in conversions that are very grainy. They seem to have more grain that the prints would have had 30 years ago.

Is there a way to reduce this or is that just the result of a higher resolution camera scan?

I’m using a Canon 6D Mark ii with Negative supply equipment using their 99+ light table.


You can use the “Lab Fade” slider to make the grain less noticeable… this is similar to how labs would deal with issue, trying to avoid noise in the shadows but still deliver an image that appears to have good contrast.

You can also try Lightroom noise reduction settings, which can work really well in this situation.

Hope that helps!



Thanks so much! I will try that in the future.

Hi, You could also try Topaz’s Photo Ai, which gives surprising results

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