Colour noise in converted DSLR scans

Is this a normal amount of colour noise to be seeing? I’m not sure how much of this is the grain of the film, and how much is my setup being sub-optimal. I’m using a Canon R5 and Sigma art 70mm macro lens, and the cinestill cine-LITE light, and i’m shooting at f/8 and iso 100 - is there something i’m missing

Hey –

Your setup is definitely more than capable enough. No need to worry for that.

Same for your photo. There is some colour noise, indeed. But it’s minimal and can be removed quite easily within Lightroom.

One thing you may try and which I found does change the amount of noise significantly is to set sharpening and denoise levels to ZERO prior to NLP conversion. Sharpening the negative before conversion somehow does strange things – at least for me.

Hope this helps!

– Chris

As far as i can tell, the noise is the film grain - basically those are clouds of color dies. Look closely at dust speckles on the scan - there is no noise where dust masks the film - you may double check that by placing something colored on top of film and shoot again. The conversion is good, you probably want to scale down the picture to get rid of grain , there should some smart way of scaling down without picture loosing grain but not sharpness. Good luck! Next time you post a picture , you may post 2000x2000 pixel , 100% crop in PNG format, as one have to be really engaged to download 200 MB tif :wink:

Viewed at 100% magnification in Photoshop it looks to me like pretty normal dye clouds ( grain).

I had a similar experience recently. While I suspected it was film grain, I did not like the look. I ended up using Topaz Photo AI for a first pass after negative conversion and then finished the image in Lightroom. Topaz does a nice job and also has tools for removing dust (manual removing with AI fill).