Converting overly bright/white images


I’m just converting two separate colour negative rolls (both Cinestill but one 400d and one 800t), and almost every image has come out perfect except for two on each roll. Each of these four frames were shot in very bright areas with lots of white (two in the snow and two of clouds from a plane).

The conversions (using the default NLP WB) have come out very underexposed, very contrasty and very green, in a way that no other image in the roll has. The negatives look perfectly fine and don’t seem underexposed, and the four images all have mostly bright white landscapes in common. I’ve been playing around with settings and tried setting exposure to +1.00 or higher before converting, but nothing seems to produce positives as good as others on the rolls. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers.

Hey – Welcome to the forum!

Very bright negatives (without a clear black point) can cause issues when you convert them. To ensure you have a clear white and black point you may want to include some of the border of the negative prior to the conversion (to fake the black point, so to say).

If that still doesn’t work, you may share the negative RAW file with us to have a look too.

– Chris