Digital flickering on the lcd screen?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the dslr method for a month now and I was getting great results, but today I wanted to scan again and while trying to focus on the neg my lcd screen was showing me tones of digital flickering which made it unable to focus on the grain.

Does anyone have any suggestions what the problem could be?

thank you, best max

What camera are you using? Some cameras (like Fuji X Series cameras) have a couple of different settings that may intentionally “flickering” during previews to help highlight certain things. For instance, you can set it to flicker to show clipped highlights. You can also set it to flicker on the areas in focus (I forget the name of this feature), but this is actually quite helpful when you are trying to focus on the grain… when you are in focus, you will essentially see the most flickering happening.

Hope that helps!

Hey Nate,

thanks for getting back to me.

I am using a Sony A7iii, but I actually switched back to scanning with an Epson v800, because it was too much work darkening the room and setting up the camera etc.

But I am playing around with scanning the positive and converting it with NLP, on some images it works really well, but on some it is getting very contrasty and overly saturated. Do you know why this could happen?



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How are you scanning the positive with the v800? I would recommend trying the EpsonScan instructions here:

If you are using Vuescan, there is an issue with the v800 profiles that will be addressed in v2.1.

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