Digitizing 35mm slides with Canon SX50, will a Raynox DCR 250 work

I, like all older photogs have boxes of 35mm slides. I would really like to get usable digital copies of them. I have been using an SX50 for wildlife and landscapes, it does a great job so I would use it if I can.

As far as I read from the information I get for this close-up lens, it is pushed over the lens, which might lead to a misalignment in the optical path and thus to lower than expected results. If you can find a close-up lens that can be screwed to your camera/lens, you might get a more stable setup.

Your Camera’s sensor has a 4:3 aspect ratio while 35mm slides usually have a 3:2 aspect ratio, which means that you either not use some of your sensor pixels or not see the complete slide area. Assuming that you want to digizize the complete slide, you’ll get a 10 Megapixel Image approximately.

Set your camera to shoot raw and see if you can get decent color when you shoot the slides against a light source. An overcast sky might do for this test. Tape the slide to a window and see what it gives you.

Thanks for your info. I have photo lamps with diffuser for back light. I will try 3.2, but the camera does not shoot raw.

… it does according to this page: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer_products/products/cameras/digital_compact/powershot_sx_series/powershot_sx50_hs.html?type=specifications

Thanks I will try. I sent the camera to Northwest camera repair with an operational problem.