Scanning Lens for SLR

I would like to start digitalizing 35 mm negatives and slides with my Canon 6D and I allready have settled a complete setup with copystand and Dorr LT-2020 LED Light Box.
I wolud like to use a 50mm EF 1:1.8 lens with extension tubes, do you think I would get good results.



I am using the t6i and Im getting 440DPI with my 50mm and 751 with my 85mm. so yes you should get good results. I could probably get a little higher dpi if I was just doing smaller scans like 35mm I have not tested it yet.

using this program helps as well

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I have this set up (6d and 50mm with expansion tubes) but I find it is difficult to get the whole frame in focus - it is either the corners or the centre, but not both. Its not too bad, but it is noticeable. I think a macro lens would probably perform better than the expansion tube set up in this regard, but it starts to get expensive!