Scanning with a 35mm lens vs 50mm lens

Hi guys,

I have two extremely sharp lenses and was wondering which would be better for scanning 35mm film

My first option is a Zeiss 35mm Milvus ZF.2 with a 36mm extension tube on a D850 (46MP). This lens is basically an “APO” lens, with an extremely flat field curvature.

My second option is a Voigtlander 50mm APO-Lanthar with a 50mm extension tube + Sony E to Z converter on a Nikon Z6 (24MP)

I have everything already except for the converters, and I was wondering which set of extension tubes will make more sense with the setup? I know traditionally people have avoided the shorter focal lengths for macro, but its easier to stack up the extension tubes etc.

In general, longer FL designs are easier to design, which speaks for the Voigtländer.
On the other hand, getting more megapixels can be a bonus, depending on what you’ll scan.

You could buy the adapters and extension tubes and see what you get - or get a good macro lens instead. Either way, you’ll have to spend some time and money and the question remains: which of the investments makes sense?

My choice: Go for the macro lens. It’s more expensive but saves you from buying stuff that will live the rest of its life in a drawer. Make sure you check that the lens you get can do the ratio you need (2:1, 1:1, 1:2…) at closest distance.