DSLR Scan White Balance

Hi, I switched from flatbed Epson V600 to DSLR scanning just now. I have some questions about white balancing the negatives…

I keep aperture, shutter speed, and iso consistent across the whole roll, and I simply just white balance the boarder of the first negative and sync the settings for the roll.

However, when I convert the negatives, there’s extreme blue casts.

I use basic color model and did not change any edit settings. I have tried this many times but have no idea why that’s the case. This never happens when I use flatbed scanners.

Furthermore, when I change the roll settings analysis to “this image only”. The color looks much more normal.

I’m using a Sony A7IV, Nikon 50mm f/2.8, PK-13 tube, and Negative Supply light table.

Hello there, welcome to the forum. I can’t be sure that this will fix it for you but I’m pretty sure Nate answered a similar question recently (but not necessarily on here, can’t find it anyway). Are you using Auto WB? Pretty sure Nate recommends a fixed WB for Roll analysis, you can Sync them afterwards though.

Here are instructions for Roll Analysis:


What was the roll analysis setting on before you changed it to “This Image Only”?

The roll analysis setting should be set on “This Image Only” unless you have either selected the “Roll Analysis” option during conversion, or if you may have updated your default setting to a setting where you are using the analysis from another roll as the baseline (which usually should not be done).