Fuji GL690 - need ideas for a camera strap solution

Hello, I’ve got a Fuji GL690 and am wondering if anyone has ideas on what I could do for a strap. The strap that comes with it is pretty uncomfortable and annoying.

The camera also has this old system with lugs attached to pins. (See link to image: GL690 Image )

On my DSLR I use a peak design system with two connectors at one point, over one shoulder, and it rests nicely balanced at my opposite hip. I want to do the same thing on the Fuji. But the lugs on the fuji are metal (and noisy) and seem only designed for a regular neck strap system, so I’m worried that they will eventually either lacerate my strap or the lug will completely pop off the pin if I carry it how I would like to.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas or an adapter or product that they could recommend.