Doing a trail - camera not supported?!?

I didn’t see anything explicit about needing specific support for cameras, but as I tried it I noticed a missing profile:


I shot these to test with a Sony A9ii. If I’m reading your names correctly you support only the A9.

So… what does that mean? Is there some generic profile that gets close (there is none I can see to pick from in the LR picker)? How different would the results be if I had a proper profile?

Is support planned for it?

Is there a workaround? I have a dcp profile for the camera I use (actually many for different venues), can I somehow modify one of those and get the same results as yours would give?


I have to add support of new cameras as they come out. The next release of NLP will have this profile included, but you can download it and it now if you’d like:


Thank you for the quick response, got it, installed, it works!

Hi! I rented a Nikon D780 for the weekend to test with some of this and noted it is not supported. Do you have a profile created yet for the D780? If you need any files from me, feel free to email me at


The next version (v2.2.) will include the D780 profile. In the meantime, you can download this one and add it to your camera profiles: