Profile missing Sony a6700

Just getting started with NLP v. 3.0.2 with LrC 13.0.1 and have run into a “Negative Lab v2.3 missing profile” issue when converting files from a Sony a6700.

Is this because the camera is a fairly new model and the profile doesn’t exist yet? If that’s the case, is there a timeline for the availability of the profile?

Also, is it normal that it’s looking for a v2.3 profile rather than a 3.0.2 profile? [EDIT: I just read that the profile version doesn’t necessarily match the software version, so never mind this question!]

Thanks, and thanks too for NLP!

Hi @iimd

Thanks for letting me know! You are correct that it is missing. It is strange because it looks like Adobe released the profile for it in LrC v12.5, but I can’t find any reference files from Adobe for it.

If you could send me a RAW file from your a6700 to me at, I can use that to create a profile for you! I suspect it will be very similar to the a6600 profile, but it is always better to work directly with a file from the camera!



Done and thank you very much!

Just checking in on this question, also to mention that I’ve read in some places that the a6700 and the FX30 share the same sensor (according to some sources anyway), if that matters.

Thanks so much for sharing! You can find the a6700 profile here:

It will also be included in v3.0.3.


Excellent, thank you very much!