Full frame camera recommendation

I’m looking to buy a new (or used) full frame camera to scan mostly 35mm negatives and was wondering if anyone has recommendations.
Was considering Sony A7r… line of cameras , but open to all suggestions.
What megapixels? is anything over 24mp over kill, I was thinking 42mp (A7riii)

Thanks in advance.

Are you going to print?
How big are you going to print?
If not, then even 16MP is fine

Its mainly for archival purpose, I already have a Sony a6600 but what to upgrade to a full frame camera that will also double as my camera for scanning my old family negatives.

As you already have Sony gear: Set a budget, get a good macro lens first and see if there is money left for a 7R3 or 7R4 body. Note: you need a good lens for these cameras…

A good macro lens? Folks out there know which is best :thinking:

Thanks, your correct in that I do have some Sony lens, as well as Canon.

Already been doing some tests with my Sony 50mm macro SAL50M28 lens (and the A6600) and happy with the results, but seeing how I want to upgrade to a full frame camera (for general use) was just wondering if there is an advantage to going larger than 24mp sensor when doing 35mm. ie will you gain anymore detail from the negative.
I have read through this forum and some people say no point, all your adding is the film grain, not anymore detail.

well, grain is what differentiates film from digital. You can simulate a higher res camera by stitching a few shots. I did this while shooting a M645 400 ASA color negative with an APS-C Canon EOS M6. The result showed the grain more clearly, but at ordinary viewing distance, the difference was marginal.

I use a Nikon D810, which had 36 megapixels. It is nice to be able to zoom in to 100% and see just as much detail as a modern digital shot and not feel as if I’m compromising. Compared to lower resolution scans from the lab, I do se a difference and I appreciate it. So even 36 megapixels is not going to resolve beyond the film’s inherent detail. For medium format, I shoot two images of the frame and stitch together in Photoshop or Lightroom. I feel this is a good balance of time/effort and detail for medium format that give me a final scan that is extra large compared to the 35mm photos.

I am shooting with a Sony a7iii and a Sigma 70 mm macro lens. I use a copy stand and lightbox for my slides and negatives. To be honest, I’ve not had a problem with the 24 megapixel sensor on the a7iii and I think the Sony 6600 is an excellent camera, too. I would say that you really don’t have to jump to a full frame camera with a 42 or 60 megapixel sensor just for camera scanning. Your results with the 24 MP camera is more dependent on a good lens. Remember, a good lens can make an average camera great but a poor lens will make a great camera look bad.