Hasselblad scanner repair

I have been scanning films with my Flextight X1 scanner for a long time.
However, my X1 scanner keeps not recognizing on my Macs, or I have frequently encountered freezing problems during scanning.

I sent email to Hasselblad.com several times, but I didn’t get a reply.

Does Hasselblad not repair the scanner anymore?
Has anyone recently repaired in Hasselblad?

If you have any experience, please advise.

Hi there! You’re out of luck unfortunatley, though all is not lost…

Hasselblad has basically given up on their scanners which I’m guessing is why you’re not getting a response regarding this issue. Flexcolor only works with x32-bit operating systems and is no longer supported on Catalina and other x64-bit only operating systems.

So, if you’ve upgraded to Catalina, your issue might be there - if so, you can either downgrade to Mac OS Mojave or earlier, or get an older Mac computer running an older operating system to use specifically with your X1

If you’re using a computer running mac OS Mojave or earlier (or a PC with 32bit support) and it’s reading the scanner, but crashing while scanning, unfortunately, you might need a new scanner motherboard. I sometimes rent scan time on an X5 in London and they had a similar issue. Luckily they got it fixed by replacing the motherboard but it’s not cheap - upwards of £600 if I remember correct, plus labour fee

I see you’re in South Korea - if you don’t have a repair contact already, your best bet would be calling rental houses that have Hasselblad scanners for rent in South Korea, telling them you’re got a problem with your scanner and see if they know anyone who could fix it for you. If they know someone I’m sure they’ll be happy to recommend them to you

I’m genuinely sorry to hear you’re going through this - it sucks especially after spending so much money on a scanner that is no longer supported by modern OS’s and is soon to be un-repairable after parts run out.

I’ve been using the X1 scanner in a Mac with macOS 10.11.x installed, and since last year, the scanner has not been recognized or the scan has stopped in the middle.
I switched it to a different Mac, but it was the same.

I asked the Hasselblad scanner distributor to repair it, and he said it should be sent to the overseas headquarter for inspection and repair.
And he said it would cost thousands of dollars.
But he said he wasn’t sure if they could get the parts.

I don’t know why Hasselblad doesn’t reply to my emails.
(I paid more than $15,000 to buy X1 scanner!)
And I don’t even know where the overseas headquarter that my local distributor said.

Anyway, now I’m preparing to scan my films with Sony a7R III/IV or Nikon Z7 camera.
I hope these devices have sharpness and smootness of tonal gradations comparable to the Hasselblad scanner.

Thanks for the detailed advice.

Hey man

Yeah, really sorry to hear about that. It does sound like your X1 needs a new motherboard put in as the place I was going to in london had the exact same problems as you’re having.

I feel your pain, lots of people do, though for Hassleblad (now majority owned by DJI, the chinese drone company) it just doesn’t seem a profitable venture anymore. Consider how many people are buying drones in a day/week vs how many people would buy a $15k scanner and you can see why

Nikon Z7 has plenty of megapixels to get you a large print, if you’re after sharpness comparable to the X1/X5, just make sure you get a really good quality dedicated macro lens (they have a flat field of focus, unlike non macro lenses) which definitely comes in handy fo digitising negs, and a way to hold the negs absolutely flat

Good luck! And sorry again your X1 kicked the bucket - I’m sure it had some great negs put through it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your concern and encouragement.
Now I’m trying a new adventure with a new scanning device.

p.s. The X1 scanner works very very occasionally. And I even prepared an replacement lamp! Soon, I have to sell these second-hand…