Help. Pixelating parts of my scan post conversion

Hi, on an unstable basis, my conversions are potenial to pixelated pieces. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and had any methods of avoidance that work for them? This screenshot is an example.
Thank you.

Never had such effects so far.

Is the pre-conversion scan free of such pixelations?
Do you get the effect every time you convert the image?

Can you attach a pre-conversion scan?

Yeah its probably 30-40% of the time, I’m using a public v600 scanner at my University. I didn’t think to look if the pre-conversion had this pixelation, so I did, and it does. I tried uplaoding the scan but it wont let me upload a tiff. My settings for scanning were: 1754 resolution, 48-bit color, “high” scan type (vs. “standard”) and dust removal on “low” because epson scan 2 removed ICE.

Thanks for the reply too!


I have seen these digital artifacts appear before when something has gone wrong with IR dust removal… can you try rescanning with dust removal turned off and see if you still have these artifacts?