Epson V600 Scanner giving me cyan/green tones

first photo in each set is the positive tiff file scanned with an Epson V600 converted in negative lab pro with no adjustments. second photo is the color corrected version. my kit has been used about 5 times before this roll has been developed and i didnt add any time to development so maybe thats my issue?

roll was Portra 400 and I know for a fact it should not be coming out looking like this.

so i’m having this issue and its truly driving me insane. i use a Cinestill C41 Quart kit and an Epson V600 scanner. I heat my chems up to 102 as directed, do a pre wash then develop for 3.5 minutes, blix for 8, wash for 3 then stabilizer for 1 minute. I hang dry then cut up the negatives and scan them in. I scan as positive film in epson scan then convert to color in negative lab pro. the straight converted photo is the first photo in the set and the second is the edited photo after color correcting. WTF am i doing wrong?! its really driving me crazy!!