Yellow tint/cast all over some pictures

I’ve come across this occasional issue that really stops my flow. My equipments are:

  • Skier Copy Box v2
  • Sony a6400 + SEL50M28

Most recent negative roll that I have this issue with, this is a Fuji Film ASA 100 shot 30 years ago. There’s no visible issue with the negative, out of a roll of 36, I had 4 that have the same issue. In the past the yellow cast/tint all over the pictures seemed to be caused whenever I scan, I didn’t position my lens and/or the Skybox so that entire negative is in focus without overlapping area that is not covered by the negative. This could be end of roll, and only 90% of the negative is in focus, causing the 10% to be bleeding light. This bleeding light then caused the resultant photo turns yellow tint/cast after applying negative lab pro. Whenever I realized the issue, I had to re-scan, making issue 100% is in focus, then the next scan is perfect. So I agree this is a setup issue. However my question is why did this only occasionally show up as yellow tint/casting? Other than the setup issue, what can I do? i.e. apply WB as Shot or Auto or something? I’m not a Lightroom expert.

These 4 pictures come from the same roll, went through the same scanning process. Only 2 had yellow tinting, if you look closely on the right hand side, those were bleeding light, area that the negative is not covered when I scan, if I make sure it’s 100% covered, this removes the tint/cast. My question is, all 4 pictures actually have bleeding light, why is it only 2 have the problem? It sounds like the negative lab pro logic is not being consistently applied. Or a Bug.

Thanks a lot beforehand.


  1. What version of Negative Lab Pro are you using? Make sure it is the latest (right now, that is v2.4.2). There was a bug in some prior versions where the “border buffer” didn’t work correctly on some versions of Windows.
  2. What do you have your “border buffer” set to during conversion? Try setting it to 10 and use the “preview” button to make sure only the negative itself is showing prior to conversion (no non-film elements should be showing.

In these conversions, I’m going to guess the issue is the strip on the right side of each of these photos, which appear to be part of either a scanning mask or film holder. Negative Lab Pro appears to be interpreting that as part of the emulsion, which is why the conversion is off.

Try this:

  1. Crop in on the image in Lightroom so that only the film emulsion is visible
  2. Open Negative Lab Pro, and go to the convert tab
  3. Select “unconvert”. Then select “convert”
  4. Set the WB in Negative Lab Pro to “AutoNeutral” or “AutoWarm”