Help with yellow film!

Hi there! Im mica and I’m new to film. I develop and scan my own film and I use an automatic Minolta Freedom zoom 135ex. I recently got a cheap scanner off of amazon just because I wanted to scan my film and didn’t want to have to pay a shop every time I need a scan. I also am not going to be super serious with my film photography and just do it as a hobby.

When I scanned my film today most of my photos had a yellow tint to it… Would anyone know if it is because the way I shot it or the scanner itself? The scanner does invert the photos for me which is why I think it’s just the scanners programing but for some reason I have one good photo with all the right and good colors. Please help me find out what’s wrong! SEND HELP hahah

These are the two photos one has the yellow tint that most of my photos have and one has the right colors… Is is the lighting? the Scanner? Can I change this on Lightroom and how? I tried color creating with white balance and can’t seem to get the right skin color…


Can be anything, bad scanner, development issues etc.
Also very dirty and scratched negatives, though it won’t give you color cast.

Thats what I thought so too my development couldn’t give me color cast because the better photo has pretty good quality. I also don’t mind the scratched on the film to be honest I feel like it gives it more character… I think its my lighting issue…

So I scan with borders, get a WB reading from the borders and see how it goes. I scan with DSLR and get a WB reading prior shooting from the borders which helps greatly not to have colour casts.