Magenta Cast in Shadows

Hello all, first time poster:

I’ve been using NLP for a while now and one thing that I’ve been struggling with is a pretty intense Magenta cast in the shadows of my images… This is fairly difficult to correct and has really been frustrating me.

You can see in these shots from Christmas that they are all trending a bit magenta. What I can’t tell is if it’s the film, or my conversion that’s causing these. I am scanning using Negative Supply holders and their 95CRI panel. Using a hood to mask off the image. WBing off the film border etc etc.

I just want those natural film colors that everyone raves about and it’s super frustrating to scan my C41 film and get these wild color shifts.

If you can point me in the right direction I’ll be very grateful.

See example here:

I can play with the WB a bit and get something more natural. Perhaps that’s just the workflow?

Hi @dbla, welcome to the forum!

Hmm… you should NOT be seeing this level of magenta tint.

Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere.

  • How were these developed? If these were developed at home, I think it is quite likely that something has gone wrong with the development process. (It’s also possible that the development was off at a lab, but I’ve found it is much much more likely for something to wrong at home).
  • What camera were these scanned with? It’s possible that something is wrong with the profile itself. This does happen occasionally (especially with cameras that are less common).

In either case, it would be helpful if you could share a RAW file of the negative. The best way would be to email me at with a weTransfer or Dropbox link to a few of the original RAWs. From this, I should be able to narrow down the issue.


Hey Nate,

Remembering now these were home developed. I am almost certain that was the primary cause of the issue.

For camera profile, is that something I need to select at some point? I am scanning everything with my 5DsR.