Red tint in DSLR Scanns

Hello there!
As many others, I recently bought the chemicals and NLP and started to develop at home during the lock down.

Unfortunately, my films are coming out with this this predominant red tint once I’ve converted them in Lightroom with Negativa Lab Pro. (following all the steps: white balancing on the negative mask, cropping into de picture only…etc). I’ve also tried several options, white balancing in camera, over exposing the negatives in camera and in Lightroom…etc but every time I get pretty similar results.

Photo 1

RAW files

I have developed two Ultramax and one Portra, all with te same problem. The thing is that not all of the pictures in the same roll get this red tint, some of them turn out to be okey once converted.

Any ideas on what could this be? Im mostly sure that it has to do with me being a complete rookie on home developing, but just in case someone could shine some light on me haha


It’s possible that there is an issue with the development, but its also possible that something else has gone on.

  • What light table are you using? See this thread on Suggested backlight sources for scanning film with DSLR
  • Also, try masking out the sprocket holes (from directly beneath the film) as this can sometimes throw off color.
  • If you have some where the color turns out really well, try using the “sync scene” feature to bring that conversion over to the other images you are having trouble with. If that works, it may have just had trouble with that particular scene.
  • Also, while it is somewhat unusual to start off with a red tint, there is certainly plenty of edit-ability in Negative Lab Pro to take care of it. In your case, try the “Autocolor - Cooling” as a starting place for correcting the tint.

Hope that helps!

Oh, also, try the “linear” tone profile for starting out… sometimes color casts can be made worse by the contrast that gets added with the standard tone profile. Here’s what your photo looks like using “linear” tone profile and “autocolor - cooling”:

Still needs some work, but definitely a better starting point.


Hey Nate, thanks for the reply!
I’m starting to thing that I’ve messed up something during development :sweat_smile:

For the backlight source I’ve been using this table from Amazon Amazon link
Got this cheap one to start with, since I had to cut costs somewhere… I’ll take a look to that thread and hope to get a better one soon!

I’ll try those tips that you say and keep working on it!
Oh, and definitely much better starting point your edit

Thanks again for everything!!
Stay safe

Quick note, I’ve been reading the thread of the backlights, I think I might try using the iPhone. What should I use as a “background”? Just a plain white background?

Hey there, not sure if you’ve got this figured out but I use my iPhone Xs as a light screen and use the simple app called “Screen Light”, which lets you use a fully white/bright backdrop. Also don’t forget to turn True Tone and night shift off!