Color positive scanning

I dont know if anyone can help here or not but here is my problem.
Positives scanning with dslr are pretty easy until I run across one with a red tint to them. I know I can fix each one with photoshop which takes a while but works.

Using the Epson scanner there is a color correction selection on the software which will pull out the red tones really well. the problem is I would much rather save the 3 minute scan and scan them on my dslr which takes seconds to do.

Does anyone know if Negative lab pro will fix the red tint?
What methods of correction does everyone else use here?
I want something streamed lined because I may have thousands of images to scan.

You should be able to fix the tints on the positive scans fairly easily in Lightroom… if the tint is distributed evenly across the image, you could use Lightroom’s white-balance picker tool, and select a neutral gray area in the scene. If the tint is not distributed evenly, you could either use the “split-tone” tool or the individual R/G/B tone curves to fix it.

I messed around even more with the curves and I was able to get something that look ok. I also had to mess with the HSL/color section and the Calibration as well. which im sure I could probably fix in the curves if I spend more time on this. the color red is pretty consistent its from age I think this was taken in 1962.

What is your light source at reproducing? Is the tint present in negatives or after conversion?
Negatives have an so called orange mask and cooler light sources will make your life a lot easier.

I am using the Light pad 930 LX

these are 8X10 Positives. They maybe called Master Positives but im not 100% sure.
The light is consistent throughout the image.

do you have any other suggestions on light box’s?