Inconsistent Results

Hello all, and sorry if this has been asked before. I am currently playing with Negative Lab Pro as i have been getting some inconsistencies in some of my conversions. I also tend to notice a lot of photos convert with a slight blue tint to them afterwards. I have changed my lighting setup to my iPhone as the light table i had before was not sufficient (Amazon Junk)

I have gotten some really good results but with different film stocks my results are DRASTICALLY different in a very frustrating way. This photo is an example of a “good” scan and conversion.

Blue Tint

I really just want help with what could be causing these things to happen to my conversions. Im running out of options and need your suggestions.

Thank you all in advance for help.

There are quite a few ways to color correct in Negative Lab Pro. For starters, I would try the “Auto-Warm” white balance setting, and adjust from there. You can then fine tune the “temp” and "tint’ setting in Negative Lab Pro.

(Note that you will almost never want the wb in Negative Lab Pro to be set to “none” – because the inverted film will naturally have a cyan tint to it that needs to be corrected, which is what the controls are for.)

You can learn more about color controls in the guide:

You can see at the bottom and top of this image that you did not fully crop out whatever you were using to hold the film in place. If you have a non-film element in frame when you run Negative Lab Pro, it will throw off the film analysis. The steps to fix this would be to crop in to show just the exposed film area, then open Negative Lab Pro, Unconvert and Reconvert. You should then get a better conversion.

Hope that helps!

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I started doing cropping within the photo and the results are a lot more true to color. On some of the photos they’re extremely blown out and really grainy but it could just be the film I was converting. Thank you so much for the help!

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