How to remove severe red tone

My setup:

  1. I’m using NLP 2.2.0 in Lightroom Classic 11.1 on a PC.

  2. Scanned with a Nikon D610, Nikon AF Micro 60 lens and Neweer lightstands.

  3. I’ve been camera scanning now for several months and have scanned hundreds of slides. However, I got a batch from a client where the majority of them are red. Yes, I know this is for negatives; but was able to invert the tone in LR to make it look like a negative. Anyway, a majority of them I was able to make look better. But there is one in particular that I am having grave difficulties with. Long story, but I do not have the original to compare it to.

I’ve tried the NLP several different ways in Lightroom and even attempted colorizing in Photoshop. What adds to the issue is there is inconsistency in the lighting of the photo. Any ideas on how to adjust the coloring to make it more natural looking would be great!

  1. Here is a link to my dropbox folder which contains the original NEF file and 2 attempted edits.

I forgot to include the link. Dropbox - Sample Photos - Simplify your life

The slide looks like it were beyond repair, still, you got a decent copy out of it.

In cases like these, I mostly resort to B&W, nevertheless, the faces and white dresses look like fairly overexposed, which limits possibilities, even with Photoshop.

Thank you!

I tried adjusting the exposure, and nothing ever looked right. Until I went to B&W. But thought I’d get a second opinion. Thank you again.

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