Red colour cast in shadows

Hi there,
I’m wondering if people can help me identify the cause of this colour cast.
I am using a Fuji XT-2 with macro lens, essential film holder and Raleno light with 95+ CRI at 5600K.
I mask off the stray light and shoot in pitch black so I am unsure of what could have caused this.

The negatives themselves look fine, not bent but they were not developed by my go to lab and don’t look as high quality development.
The images attached are nlp straight conversions at saturation 4 and frontier model, with auto-neutral

For context the image was shot during golden hour

Hi Shanil6,
I had similar problem with my developments, red/magenta cast in shadows and also orange vignetting.

Prior to converting, I used lens profile corrections and white balance from corners.
With NLP, I used Linear Profile with Crystal LUT,
if necessary I reduce the magenta shadows from panel,
and if there is still a bit red/magenta left,
I further reduced saturation of magenta/red on the positive copies.

I don"t know which steps are necessary so I wrote them all, these worked out fine for me.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for the tips simsek!

The Crystal LUT was the biggest gamechanger here and then from there as you say less work was needed to get to a happy place. Here’s the final result which safe to say looks a lot better and true to life, it was actually slightly after golden hour.

I am also experiencing this. I am using a fuji xt-5 and xf80mm macro lens. these adjustments certainly helped me as well