How about a gallery?

This is a nice implementation of Discourse. How are you finding it so far?

Is it possible to create galleries or expand it via plugin to be able to do so?

A gallery of user scans would be nicer for when threads get too big to find stuff. Something is one place, with appropriate tags for scanning method, film etc.

Cheers, keep it up.

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Hi @nemokanemo! An excellent idea, thank you!

I like discourse so far… there are some limitations vs wordpress (which I’m more familiar with) but it WAY slicker and ready-to-go out of the box, which is nice since I don’t have too much time to muck around with development!

What you’ve described would be super cool. I don’t think I can do everything you’ve described, but I can make a “gallery” category (perhaps with sub-categories for film or scanning method?) and add a way to present images in a gallery instead of individually…

I’ve added a gallery plugin that should be pretty slick… let’s see if it works…

Basically, to use it now, you can just upload a group of images at all once (drag and drop them into the post), select the code it adds, and then hit the new “Grid Gallery” icon.

So, after uploading the images, you’ll see the code it adds. Highlight it like this…


And then hit the “Grid Gallery” icon:


And your post should then show the images as a gallery:


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