Digitizing Negative Pages, 36 exposures at once

Digitizing bunch of rolls of color negs, in plastic pages, ala PrintFile. Can NLP deal with 36 frames at once, make generalized corrections, a presentable ‘proofsheet’ for editing, archivists, researchers, such as at Briscoe Center, UofT, Austin? Have made a frame, 10x11", with dark strips (to mask the white light box between neg strips). Have yet to try out new Nikon D850, on a copy stand & led light box. Sage advice? I’m a virgin to Lightroom, so please be kind…

I’d certainly try it with the expectation that colours and tonalities might or might not be good. In the latter case, a B&W conversion could be all I need.

NLP will treat the whole scan as one image. I’d expect better results if all images on the sheet have been evenly exposed.

Thanks for the feedback! It will be a good learning curve for both NLP & Lightroom; not to mention the new Nikon D850! Right you are re: even exposures, always a worthwhile goal. Meanwhile, there’s always merging a darker and lighter exposure of the sheet, or fall back to b&w, sufficient for cataloging, editing. Will post a result.