How to process with rebate or sprocket holes showing

I ordered a Negative Supply system for 35 and 120 film including the cassette to show 35mm sprocket holes and rebates. Looking to get Negative Lab Pro as I use LR Classic for my digital files. I watched the NLP tutorial which says to never include the black borders when processing the negatives (as it will significantly alter the processed files) but what if I want the holes and info contained in the negative to show on my digitized file as part of the final physical print.

I think the key here is that, as described in the Guide, you crop out the border (non-film) area while NLP does its stuff but then you are free to re-crop to include your film rebates and sprocket holes once you have got the result you want.

" 1. If necessary, crop your negative to exclude any non-film elements (you can re-crop after conversion, or in most cases, you can just use “border buffer”)."

I usually set border buffer in such a way that pre-conversion cropping is unnecessary.