How to process with sprocket holes showing

Can someone please explain how to process so the sprocket holes are showing. Thank you in advance


It’s really easy. A lot of people get tripped up because they are used to a program like Photoshop where cropping is “destructive.” But in Lightroom, you can always re-crop the photo however you’d like an no information is lost.


  1. You don’t want the sprocket holes to be included in the image analysis (you just want the exposed film emulsion).
  2. So, before converting you can either crop out the sprocket holes, or increase the “border buffer” setting with the “preview” turned on until no sprocket holes are visible.
  3. After conversion, you can just recrop however you’d like in Lightroom. OR, if you used “Border Buffer / Preview”, it will then automatically return your image to how you had it cropped before you opened Negative Lab Pro.

Does that make sense?


This helps thank you