How to use NLP with Flextight Scans 3f?

Hi there,

I scan my film with a Flextight scanner in 3F.
I’m a bit confused about the Tiff Prep Scan function.

  1. Shall I colorbalance the orange mask before using Tiff Prep Scan function or after?
  2. Why is Tiff Prep Scan function making a 1.8 Gamma correction?
    Are the 3F (Tiff) files 1.8 Gamma or 2.2 and being corrected to 1.8?
  3. How are you guys dealing with that?


Don’t use the white-balance tool at all in Lightroom.

My understanding is that the 3f files are scanned at gamma 1.8. The Tiff Scan Pref utility is first converting the file from 1.8 gamma to linear gamma (1.0), applying color multipliers in that linear space, and then converting to gamma 2.2 (to be used in Lightroom).

Ok thanks,

so the tiff prep is searching aline for the orange mask values?