Recommended settings for Imacon Flextight scanner

I will be using the Imacon Flextight to scan TIFF files for NLP. Are there recommended scan settings for Flextight software?

My recommendation would be to scan 3F files, not TIFF. Then, before importing to LR, simply rename the files to .tif and LR will import them. Sounds weird, but the scanned Imacon 3F files are in fact in TIFF format. NLP handles the 3F scans perfectly, I’m really pleased with the conversions. And it’s really nice not having to tweak anything in clunky old FlexColor!

That’s exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you!

I’m using a flextight x1 and I have just renamed my 3f scans to tif files and imported them to LR but have you guys done any testing on what settings are best for the conversion process? And are you using the “tif scan prep”?

Source: xxx
Color Model: xxx
Pre-saturation: xxx
Border Buffer: xxx

I haven’t explored the Tiff Scan prep thingy yet, but then I haven’t had any issues with my 3F files prior to the new NLP release.

In LR, first off I sample the WB off the film edge. Then in NLP I set Source to TIFF Scan. Colour Model and pre-sat is just subjective, but I usually go with Frontier and the default pre-sat of 3. Basic color model also works, it really depends on what I am after. Border Buffer would vary with how you cropped your scans in FlexColor (set it to 0% if you crop out film border in LR prior to opening NLP).

I also am using the above suggested workflow - scan as a 3F in flexcolor, then rename to tiff and import into LR.

I am slightly confused though by the new ‘Tiff Scan Prep’ utility. Not sure if one is meant to crop out film bleed (previously use to set WB) prior to using ‘Tiff Scan Prep’ ?

Am experimenting with running Tiff Scan Prep on ‘cropped’ and ‘uncropped’ files

What is the recommended procedure?


^any difference from cropping/not cropping?

The current version of Tiff Prep Utility (v2.1.2) does not take into account any cropping that you’ve done in Lightroom. Having some film border should not be a problem, BUT, having areas of straight unmasked light (including sprocket holes) will throw off the analysis a bit. Working on a solve for that.

In general, you should be OK not using the prep utility when working on Flextight fff files. The prep utility should slightly improve color accuracy, and also improve the editability of the file in Negative Lab Pro.

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Thank you for the detailed reply!!

My Tiff conversions have turned out great using the utility (tried both instances of cropping and not cropping the original TIFF in lightroom before running the utility).

Will focus on aligning the film holder, and selecting just the film border when selecting the scan area in Epson Scan.

FYI this is prob my fav software experience, having you so involved in the forum and answering so many questions!